Robert J. Lang Origami Bugs

I recently had the pleasure of seeing an exhibit of Robert J. Lang’s exquisite origami at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Lang’s work do yourself a favor and check out the wonderful documentary Between the Folds, which aired on PBS a while back and featured numerous other origami artists such as the master himself, Akira Yoshizawa. Robert J. Lang also has a TED talk where he discusses his process in greater detail. There are differing opinions on what origami should or should not be about. Some are more theoretical and technical while others are more esoteric and aesthetic. Lang clearly skates a line between the traditional and the contemporary, but, being a physicist, you can tell which way he might lean. I personally have no opinion and, regardless of which camp you tend to run with, there’s no denying the beauty in Lang’s work…or his process, which is a single uncut square sheet of paper merely creased and folded. Again and again.

What caught my particular fancy in this exhibit were both his printed fold and crease patterns and his bugs. Creepy crawlers are incredibly well suited origami subjects as you can see in these photos I snapped below. Enjoy.