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About This Site

NO RELEVANCE was created as a gallery of sorts to house some of the mountains of graphical ephemera that I collect. It was to be a way to give it some purpose other than to be sitting in boxes or scrapbooks and to serve as a means of sharing it with other like minded individuals. The appreciation of graphic design, whether good or bad, has reached the point of sickness with me. Typography distracts me at every turn of my life, it seems. What you will find on are some of those distractions. Much of it, I’m sure, goes unnoticed by most people as they walk to the post office or the bank. But I must take out my camera and document it or dig it out of the bottom of a box of junk at a flea market. I hope those of you infected with this bug are able to find some of the beauty that I see and that it inspires you to seek out and appreciate these simple pleasures as much as I do.

NO RELEVANCE was designed and coded on a self-built PC using a plethora of Adobe products, Google Chrome and, of course, WordPress. The look-and-feel of this site is provided by a custom theme I created called “No Relevance.” Thanks to Elliot Jay Stocks for creating the elegantly naked “Starkers” theme, which was my starting point, as well as Chris Coiyer for providing a very detailed series of webcasts on creating a custom WordPress theme.

The typefaces used are Georgia, Noticia Text and Oswald. The masthead font is Metroscript, designed by Michael Doret of Alphabet Soup. You would do well to check out his beautiful typefaces and logo designs.

Thanks to the increasing support for web standards this website should look and function superbly on both Macs and PCs using any modern web browser (save for possibly, um, IE). In older browsers there may be anomalies in the display of these pages. I apologize if you are among the un-upgraded.

Thanks for stopping by.